About Us

We all want our children to have the best lives possible. However, when they are not sleeping well this can be a difficult feat. JAMA formed to help kids worldwise finally get the sleep they deserve so they can go on to live happy and healthy lives. Each of our pieces is expertly designed to ensure they get the best night's sleep humanly possible. This means they’ll be refreshed and rested enough to take on their day in peace.


Our mission is to give children the gift of quality sleep. We want parents around the world to be able to have a stress-free experience with their children by being able to raise rested and well-slept individuals. They often misbehave when they are tired. Which is why getting quality sleeping materials is essential to your wellbeing as a parent. By investing in their sleep you're investing in their future and your own happiness.


Claim back your sanity and your children's happiness with a tailored selection of quality bedding equipment to enrich their lives. Well-slept children are happy children and when our kids are happy we are. Can you really afford the price of not giving them the sleep they deserve?




Our aim is simple. To bring smiles to as many children’s around the world's faces as possible. Through beautiful bedding we hope to revolutionize the sleep sector for young people and finally give them a means of being their best selves through quality sleep. A well-rested child is a happy child. We don’t want to see any unhappy children. Which is why we work tirelessly to bring the best bedding possible so your little one can enjoy an unforgettable nights sleep every time that charges them up to become the best adults they can be.




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A rested child is a happy child