Sleep Facts

Sleep Facts

10 Brilliant Sleep Facts

Everybody Dreams- every single night

Although many of us do not remember our dreams, everybody does dream. We all actually experience 5-7 dreams each night! We tend to be unaware of this due to the speed in which we forget our dreams, sometimes just a few seconds after waking up. Try keeping a dream journal to document your experiences.

No one in your dreams is a stranger

Although the faces in our dreams can seem strange and even alien at times, everyone who appears in our dreams is based off people we have seen in our lifetime, even if it’s just a fleeting glance.

Some characters in our dreams can be made up of an amalgamation of differing faces. Spooky stuff!

Athletes need more sleep

It all comes down to rest and recovery. Did you know that athletes need a huge amount of sleep to ensure that they recover well? Around ten hours per night!

Humans spend 25 years asleep

You’ve probably heard the saying that humans spend half of their lives asleep, and that’s not far off the truth.

The actual average is 25 years. It’s definitely dropped with the introduction of artificial light and technology, but it’s still a pretty long time to be dozing!

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes

Although it might feel like much longer, it actually takes the average person just seven minutes to drop-off into slumber. Any longer than this and you might actually be sleep deprived!

Women sleep more than men

On average, women sleep longer than men. The reason for this is that women are more prone to multitasking, meaning that their brains take longer to recover than men’s!

New parents lose 6 months worth of sleep

It might seem hard to believe, but parents with new borns actually lose a whopping six months worth of sleep in the first two years of their child’s life!

New born babies sleep- a lot

On the subject of snoozing babies, they sleep a lot. You might think that ten hours for an athlete seems plenty, but new born babies actually need 17 hours per day!