Sleep And Creativity

Sleep And Creativity

Boosted Mood

A regular sleep pattern can definitely lead to a healthy lifestyle and a boosted mood.
Studies have shown that when our mood is high, our creative juices tend to flow, therefore leading to an increase in motivation, enthusiasm, and creativity!


A great sleep routine leads to an increase in REM sleep quality. REM sleep is our deepest form of sleep, and by increasing this, our brains can link together ideas with ease. We can wake full of fresh ideas, or, with a brain ready to get developing old ones.


Believe it or not, sleep can be a great resource for inspiration!
Deep sleep, REM dreams are extremely vivid, they can be the perfect inspiration for creative ideas during the day. Simply jot down your ideas before you forget them each morning, and your work will be teaming with creative zeal.

Embrace Lie Ins

Having a lie-in at the weekend can actually be good for creativity!
As we gently wake up without an alarm we flit between a dreamlike and conscience state, meaning that we can experience a range of colors and clear images, perfect for inspiring our creativity improving our work.

Solving Problems

Stuck on a creative problem? Sleep on it.
In actual fact, the phrase ‘sleep on it’ does have a strong foothold in truth. As we sleep, our bodies link ideas together and consolidate information, meaning that we tend to wake with a decisive attitude and a clear head.

Improved memory

Sleep is brilliant for consolidating ideas and improving memory, and an increase in memory capacity is brilliant for storing ideas for later and for coming up with new ones!.