How To Become An Early Bird

Envious of friends and family who can get up in the morning with relative ease? 

Don’t worry, everyone is wired differently, and your night owl tendencies exist because that’s how your body likes it.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try out a few techniques to make waking up each morning a breeze!

Set a Routine

For many, alarm clocks can be a constant source of pain.

Due to modern-day working hours, the majority of us need to wake up early. The only issue is that alarm clocks tend to go off during our sleep cycles.

The majority of us tend to wake groggy and grouchy, clutching our heads and squinting at the sunshine.

Fancy a great way to get around this?

Avoid alarm clocks! Set a nightly routine and head to bed at the same time each evening, this way, you’ll start waking at the same time each morning. For a 7 am get up, head to bed at 10 pm, you’ll head through all your sleep cycles, get your full nine hours, and wake rested and ready for the day…naturally!

Avoid Caffeine

Although this tip might not be for everyone, if you’re serious about sorting your sleep schedule and becoming an early bird, it could be a good idea to ditch the caffeine.

Studies have shown that even stopping caffeine consumption after your midday meal can still have a negative effect on your sleep pattern, and a poor sleep pattern means a rough wake up.

Ditching the caffeine could result in a deeper sleep and an easier getup, everyone is different, but it might be worth trialing no caffeine to see how your body reacts!

Turn Off Those Electronics

Blue light can have a massively negative effect on your overall sleep health as it convinces your body that it is still daylight, leading to poor sleep and difficult wake-ups.

A great way to get around this is to ditch the technology at least one hour before bed, maybe grab a book or listen to an audiobook before you doze.