3 Tips To Better Sleep

3 Tips To Better Sleep

3 Sure Tips to Get Better, More Regenerative Sleep than Before

Getting better and more regenerative sleep goes beyond going to bed at the right hour of the day. It is also a bigger concept than sleeping under the right temperatures. In fact, better sleep is a function of how you sleep, not when you sleep.

Speaking of how you sleep, this is not one of those ‘sleeping on your back vs. on your chest or side’ debates. It is, rather, a function of the kind of bedding you subject your body to in hopes of a good night’s sleep.

To get the kind of sleep that leaves you feeling fresh in the mornings, here are some things to look out for in your bedding.



1 : Choice of Fabric

You might not have given this much thought in the past, but the choice of fabric your bedding is covered with goes a long way in helping you sleep well.

It is an established fact that you sleep better when your body falls to a certain temperature. It will, thus, be counterproductive to keep the body temperature high while expecting to enjoy your sleep.

From there, it needs no telling that cooling fabric does the magic here. Specially designed to accommodate better airflow while improving the breathability of the mattress, you will be treated to a much cooler sleep.


2 : Built-in Support

While your beds should not be too hard, they should not be too soft either. The problem, however, is that most beds fall in those two spectrums.

Most times, the issue lies with the kind of support system that the bed has engineered into it.

With corner-to-corner support, beds are able to withstand the weight of anyone on it better. This means they don’t resist the user’s weight so much that the bed comes off as hard nor shrink under their weight, ending up being too soft for comfort.


3 : Material of Mattress

Mattresses are made of different materials. We won’t even bother talking about many of the things your foam could have been synthesized from when we could spend that time discussing memory foam.

First developed by NASA to provide comfort to astronauts whenever they were going to space, memory foam can be said to be the best thing to have happened to sleep technology.

The foam is such that it accommodates sleepers of different weight ranges, conforming to suit the body size and weight. This makes it possible for your bed to respond to your unique needs, allowing for a customized sleep – if there is anything like that.

If you were to walk into any store selling home units right now, there is no telling how many different kinds of beds you would see. In the same vein, you would be hard-pressed to find a bedding unit that came with all three of the above metrics.


4 : Pick Your Mattress

Well, unless you were looking at the MLILY Fusion Luxe Mattress.

Of course, this pick is developed with a cool knit fabric for a wonderful cooling experience while sleeping. Inside the layers of that foam is the in-house AirCell Technology which aids in regulating temperature as you sleep.

The choice of memory foam already makes the bed adaptable to your body, helping to craft amazing sleeping patterns for you. Under the hood, though, comes a wide array of pocket springs to better the sleeping experience. By ‘wide array,’ we mean no less than 1000 of these springs for the best effect.